About the Studio

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  1. Facility - The studio is 2,000 sq. ft. featuring a 1,000 sq. ft. Live Room and 800 sq. ft. Control Room along with equipment, storage and bathrooms.  For comfort, we have a mini-fridge, coffee maker, wine cooler and microwave along with an assortment of comfortable chairs and couches in both the Live room and Control Room.  
  2. Analog - We have top of the line analog equipment featuring a Neve VR60 Legend console with flying faders, a Studer A820 2" 24-Track machine, and an Otari MTR-10 half-track mixdown deck.
  3. Digital - We support several DAW's including Cubase Professional, Studio One Professional and ProTools.  We have top of the line a/d-d/a converters capable of recording up to 192Khz/32-bit.  
  4. Hybrid - For more complex projects that need simultaneous analog and digital recording and playback, we offer complete synchronization of the multitrack analog and digital recorders.