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About Us    

  1. Facility - The studio is 2,000 sq. ft. featuring a 1,000 sq. ft. Live Room and 800 sq. ft. Control Room along with equipment, storage and bathrooms.  For comfort, we have a mini-fridge, coffee maker, wine cooler and microwave along with an assortment of comfortable chairs and couches in both the Live room and Control Room.  
  2. Analog - We have top of the line analog equipment featuring a Neve VR60 Legend console with flying faders, a Studer A820 2" 24-Track machine, and an Otari MTR-10 half-track mixdown deck.
  3. Digital - We support several DAW's including Cubase Professional, Studio One Professional and ProTools.  We have top of the line a/d-d/a converters capable of recording up to 192Khz/32-bit.  
  4. Hybrid - For more complex projects that need simultaneous analog and digital recording and playback, we offer complete synchronization of the multitrack analog and digital recorders.
Karl Bingle

Karl Bingle has more than 3 decades of experience as a musician, recording engineer and producer.  With over 40 albums and hundreds of songs to his credit, he continues to explore and support new music today.

He is a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS, aka "The Grammys") in the Producer & Engineers wing, a voting member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES).

Today, Karl continues to work primarily with singer/songwriters and develop music for film and television.  He has worked on projects of nearly every genre.



14363 Ocean Highway
Unit #13
Pawleys Island, SC 29585


Phone: +1  (509) 220-1216 


We have sticks, strings and other things available.  If you're in the South Strand, stop on by or give us a call!


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