We are a private studio available mostly to the artists on the Mission Control Records label.  However, like most studios, we do occasionally have openings.  That leaves room for YOU!  You can record in the same space used by everyone from kids to Grammy Award winners.  And believe me, everyone gets the same royal treatment.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Analog recording.
    • There are a lot of artists that still prefer the organic way of recording and the sound that it can bring.  It’s not a matter of what is “better” than anything else, it’s a matter of taste and style.  The main reason that people prefer analog recording is that it requires you to think in a different way about tracking – to use a different and more planned and rehearsed approach.  And of course, there’s that “sound”.  It’s like a vintage guitar amp that you’d rather use than a “plug-in” of the same model.  I like to use the analogy that both analog and digital are just different approaches to creating art.  Digital is like photography and analog is like painting.  Both are beautiful in their own ways.  But, if you’re one of those that prefers the analog approach, we have the best of the best – a Studer A820 24-Track 2″ machine.  This is the Rolls Royce of recording.  Accept no substitutes.  It’s expensive to record on, but worth it.
  • Digital Recording.
    • Most people these days record digitally.  There are plenty of good reasons for this:  The speed, the convenience and the flexibility.  Plus, you can get a lot of bang for the buck.  The “plug-ins” that they had just a few years ago are nothing compared to what is available today.  Unlimited samples, mic and amp modeling, unlimited effects and more.  Not to mention the non-linear editing capabilities that digital offers.  You have that perfect take but the bass player was a millisecond too late on that final note?  No problem, just slide it over.  The possibilities are endless.
  • Hybrid Recording.
    • Perhaps you prefer the organic way of recording in analog but still want to take advantage of the tools offered in the digital domain.  Maybe you want to play that perfect “plug-in” sample but have it recorded on tape.  Or, maybe you want everything you’ve recorded on tape dumped to the computer for editing and mixing.  No problem, we can do that.  We’re all “in sync”.
  • Remote Recording.
    • A great way for a band to make a quick album to get something on the merch table is to do a quick and easy live recording.  Hey, if you’re band is tight, why not?  It’s a great snapshot of where you are right now, plus people that are buying your merch don’t really care how you recorded it!  We can track a live set on a muti-track digital machine and bring it back in the studio for mixing and editing (and maybe even fixing a few screw-ups in the process).

Whatever it is you need to do, we’d love to have the opportunity to talk to you and see if we can make it happen.  If it’s too big or out of our wheelhouse, we’ll tell you.  We won’t B.S. you on something we don’t think we can do a good job on.  There’s plenty of great studios around with different specialties.  But, if we think we can do it, we also believe we can do the best job that can be done.  Surf on over to our CONTACT page and get in touch with us today!