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The John Rockit Show
The John Rockit Show
Daily at 8pm & Midnight (ET)

Discover music you've never heard before along with the colorful commentary from one of America's first FM DJ's, John Rockit!

Richard Helppie's Common Bridge
Richard Helppie's Common Bridge
4pm ET Tuesdays, 2pm ET Thursdays

The foundation of the Common Bridge is this; that if we need to cross a river or a chasm, and the party on the right bank has built a very strong pillar and has reinforced it. The party on the left bank has done the same thing with it’s pillar. The right and left must come together to form the bridge as a whole. As it exists, we cannot span that river or that chasm unless we come together and we think about our commonality.

And so I’m encouraging everyone to reject any type of division, wherever it comes from. The political parties have made great strides in gaining expertise and attacking the other side. We’ve seen this fueled by a reporting industry that is intent on inflaming and twisting. Step away from that and have smart discussions. Listen to one another and find a Common Bridge to solutions.

— Richard Helppie.

Vinyl Album Spotlight
Vinyl Album Spotlight
9pm ET/PT, Tuesdays and Thursdays

A spotlight on 1 vinyl album each episode, from Mission Control Studios hosted by Karl Bingle.

Karl Bingle
Artist Spotlight
9pm ET/PT, Mondays and Wednesdays

Music and interviews with Indi Artists from around the globe. From Mission Control Studios, hosted by Karl Bingle.

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