Recording, Mixing & Editing

Recording rates for all formats is available in half-hour increments.

1-4 hours: $75/hr
4+ hours: $60/hr

Package deals are available for albums and negootiated on a case-by-case basis depending on your requirements. We are confident that you will not find another studio of this caliber at these prices.

Analog tape is charged at market rates if you choose to take advantage of great analog recording opportunities.

Media Transfers

Media transfer from analog tape to digital or vice versa is $50 per hour. Restoration and editing is charged at the standard rate of $60/hr.

We can also transfer 8mm and Super 8mm film to digital format using a frame-by-frame transfer system. Reels under 4 minutes are $50 each while reels 4 to 15 minutes are $100 each. You may choose DVD or computer files as your destination format (many options available).

We can also transfer videotape to DVD or computer files. Videotapes are charged at the rate of $50/hr (minimum $50 for each tape).

Web Streaming & Field Recording

Web streaming events of all types has exploded in recent years.  We offer professional, multi-camera webcasting live from your event.  Whether it's concerts, weddings, pageants or any other event you can think of, we've got you covered. Pricing varies depending on the amount of time and remote services required.

Field recording is available at the base rate of $50/hr not including travel expenses. Depending on the type of recording required, we may also require one or more assistants available at an additional chargee. We have a state of the art, 16-channel remote rig that will handle almost any field recording situation from live band to film production. We can handle up to 16 analog connections to almost any kind of gear.

Monitoring is accomplished via WiFi with up to 6 different monitor mixes plus a master 2 channel stereo monitor mix.

All channels are recorded as individual digital tracks that can be mixed and edited later in post producion.

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