Technical Stuff

For those of you that are "gearheads", like us, here is some information that will get you excited about Mission Control Studios.

The Neve VR60 Legend

At the heart of the studio is our amazing 60 channel, in-line console.  This particular model is unique from other VR consoles in that it had a few upgrades that make it one of the best recording consoles ever made.

The 60 "in-line" channels mean there are actually 60 large faders and 60 small faders that control 120 discreet signal paths to handle tracking/mixing and monitoring/returns seperately.

This is a 48 channel buss console that allows us to send/recieve 48 independent busses to/from the DAW and/or tape machines simultaneously.  

The patch bay features over 960 points that allow us to route from anywhere to anywhere, inboard or outboard.


You've heard the phrase, "garbage in, garbage out".  It's great to have an amazing recording console to run things through, but it would be a futile effort without great microphones at the source of the recording.

We have a wide variety (dozens) of quality large diaphram, small condenser, dynamic and ribbon microphones made by the best manufacturers on the planet: Nuemann, AKG, Royer, Warm Audio, Rode, Audio Technica,  Shure and more.

Having the right tool for the right job is crucial.  We have the tools for any job.

Digital Audio Network

At the heart of our sophisticated digital audio network is a custom built DAW capable of handling tracking and mixing of dozens of digital channels simultaneously.

The 48-buss output/input of the Neve VR is tied directly to 48 A/D/D/A converters that communicate to the main studio clock over an AVB (Audio/Video Bridge) network.  This type of networking is a super-set of traditional ethernet with specialized protocols for audio and video.

In addition to the 48 dedicated A/D/D/A's, we have extra analog inputs and outputs in the control room for ease of use with digital guitars, keyboards, and even extra mic's.  And yes, they can all be used simultaneously with the 48-busses.

Our DAW capabilities include Protools, Studio One, Cubase and more.  We have thousands of the best samples for any kind of instrumentation you can imagine including libraries from Native Instruments, IK Multimedia and thousands of other, miscellaneous samples.

Analog and Digital Tape

Many top recording artists still rely on high-end analog tape recording for a variety of reasons.  At Mission Control, we're fully equipped to handle these requirements.

At the heart of our tape recording system is the Studer A820 - a 2" 24-Track machine that is the best of the best.  You simply can't buy a better machine for recording.  The Studer is set up on our custom audio network via 8-bank switches and a Zeta III synchronizer so that the it can be controlled and synchronized with the DAW.

On the mixdown side, we have the Otari MTR-10 30ips half-track machine.  Even if you take something you've already mixed and run it to this machine, you can hear the difference.  Amazing.

For backward compatability with older consumer formats, we have a number of machines including a TASCAM Model 38 1/2" 8-Track, a Fostex 1/2" 16-Track, a variety of 2-Track reel to reel machines, a TASCAM 302-MK II professional cassette deck, an ADAT XT, Panasonic SV-3800, Sony MiniDisc, and more.

Space to Play

Sound likes space.  After all, sound is just air moving around.  The more sound, the more air, the more air, the more space. So, while the gear we have is great, we also give it the space it needs to capture great sound from the smallest acoustic instrument to the biggest bombastic rock rigs that consume smaller rooms.

If you've studied anything about space and how sound travels, you know a few fundamental facts.  The more space, the better.  Ceilings under 10 feet just don't cut it, no matter how you try.  Our spaces have ceilings from 14 feet to over 20 feet. Still, we can capture the most intimate, close sounds with a variety of "gobos" to create just the right space.

For voiceovers and isolated/intimate vocals, we have a fantastic vocal booth that will make your voice sound like your whispering in someone's ear.

Lots of Tools in the Box

There are a lot of toys laying around the studio, just waiting for you to play.  The collection grows constantly, but among the toys you'll find are a Gibson SG, Washburn Elelctric, a Schecter 6-string bass, a few acoustic guitars, some hand percussion, and 2 great sounding drum sets (Boom Theory acoustic with Zildian and Sabian Cymbals), and an Alesis Strike Pro Digital kit.

We also have an Alesis QS-8 (88-key weighted keyboard) interfaced to the main DAW with thousands of samples to choose from.  The best acoustic pianos, vintage keyboards, horns, strings, sound effects, loops - you name it.  There's also a Native Instruments Maschine MK2 with thousands of great sounds and loops as well.

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